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Saturday, January 24, 2009

McKenzie and Greg!

This video was filmed at Thanksgiving Point and the Timpanogos temple. Two of my favorite people! McKenzie is my good friend and business partner. Her photography is some of the best I've ever seen! Such a stunning couple and such a beautiful day!


  1. HOLY COW! I had not visited your blog. I LOVE the video! McKenzie has one of the most BEAUTIFUL faces. THOSE EYES! LOVE HER. You were so professional and creative. That was fun.

  2. Wow! Look out utah videographers. This is really refreshing to see your work from a woman/bride's vantage point, the rest of us male videographers struggle to connect with emotions of what the bride and groom are feeling you seem to do it so easily. Only suggestion I would make is to upload your videos to and use the embed code to post in your blog that way your videos will really shine.

    Denver Riddle

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